Mobile Laser Tag

Ten players have 5 minutes of game time to either score as high as they possibly can without being shot themselves or split in to two teams and have a full blown battle! Of course you also have to try and avoid running in to the other players as you run around the alien maze.

This is a non-contact game (you are firing a harmless laser at your opponent's gun) and it can be played by any age no matter how big or small, male or female.

The Mobile Laser Tag Game is suitable for all weathers and looks like a giant space station. It stands 7ft high (without Bob the Alien) and needs an area of approximately 45' x 55' to be set up. It's a highly impressive structure once inflated.

Price: From £550Price (inc VAT): From £660

Suitable for: Adults & Children

Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass
Outdoors on Hard Surface

Age RangeSuitable