Bungee Trampolines

Our Bungee Trampolines are available to hire for the 2014 season! These adrenaline filled bungees are perfect for fetes and carnivals as well as your next company party. The bungee trampolines consist of 4 super bouncy trampoline beds and then our professional grade bungee rope which are suspended about 6m in the air. The bungee rope enable the users to jump over 20ft into the air with ease. All of this of course is staffed by our trained operators to ensure that everyone stays say.

Being built on a trailer the bungee trampolines are super quick to setup. Taking just 1hr from arrival on site we can have everything ready to go! We need a min space of 8m in each direction to safely build the trampolines on site.

Price: From £795Price (inc VAT): From £954

Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass
Outdoors on Hard Surface

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