Team Building Circus Skills

A strong, cohesive team of motivated individuals results in increased productivity, higher quality work and a more successful business. Team building is a means of achieving this and circus skills are an excellent medium for team building. The purposes of team building are to improve the way a group of people work together by breaking down barriers and developing individual qualities. It encourages group cohesion and improves people’s abilities to define and use their strengths and to recognise each other's abilities in a team situation. Individuals benefit from team building by building their self-concentration, confidence and self-discipline, as well as teamwork skills such as motivation and leadership.

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Suitable for: Adults & Children

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Outdoors on Hard Surface

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Why Circus?

A significant factor in a team building activity is to take the participants out of their normal environment. This has the effect of placing all members of the team on an equal level, reducing self-consciousness and allowing people to explore their abilities from a more objective point of view. We run workshops in circus skills which provide an excellent basis for team building due to the unusual nature of the skills involved. There is a secondary advantage in that there is no pre-determined competitive reputation, allowing people a chance to challenge themselves with fewer inhibitions. Circus is a fantastic medium for team building as it carries with it personal challenge and often unexpected levels of achievement, develops skills that improve the functioning of the brain and hand-eye co-ordination, offers opportunities to practise and enhance leadership skills, to overcome new challenges and it is inclusive to everyone on an equal footing.

The Full Experience Catered For

We can organise as much or as little as you would like, providing a complete package if required which can include lunch, transport for your team, evening entertainment, accommodation and dining if you are travelling a longer distance or would like your team to stay for a weekend or similar. Let us design a bespoke programme to make your team building experience a hassle free success.

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