8mx7m Mobile Stage

Mobile Stage - 8m x 7m

The stage size fully open is (56sqm) 8m wide by 7m deep and 4m high from the stage floor to the stage roof.

Our stage is the only one of its kind, it was built in Germany in 2006 by Europodium who are one of the leading engineering companies that build mobile outdoor stages in Europe.

Price: From £1,495Price (inc VAT): From £1,794

Suitable for: Adults & Children

Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass
Outdoors on Hard Surface

Age RangeSuitable

InHouse Entertainments first bought a Europodium trailer stage in 2005 but found that trailer stages are to big for most UK roads and hard to manoeuvre once on site but with the Mobile Stage truck you simply drive in and set-up.

The roof lifts with the help of hydraulic rams to a height of 4 meters and the stage folds out by the way of electric winches. The stage roof can support the weight of most lighting effects on the market and will take 1500kg over the roof span, all rigging is achieved from head height then lifted with the roof after all the wiring has been completed so there is no need for ladders or chain hoists. The stage roof is fully waterproof and wind resistant up to 65mph

The stage floor will take over 5000kg so no problem with big PA stacks or large bands.

No Smoking is allowed on the stage at any time as the stage is over 70% covered

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