Greenscreen Photo Booth

Our Photo Booths are a fantastic way to capture lasting memories of your party forever. Using the latest touch screen technology no photographer is required to be inside the booth. Everything is fully automated once the users press GO!

All our hires include the following as standard:

  • 3hrs Photo Booth Hire
  • Full Prop Box Selection
  • Free Local Delivery (within 10miles)

Price: From £445Price (inc VAT): From £534

Suitable for: Adults & Children

Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass
Outdoors on Hard Surface

Age RangeSuitable

The guests enter the booth and make themselves comfortable. When they are ready they just touch the GO button on the screen. The automated system will then proceed to take 4 separate photographs at 5 second intervals. These are then printed out in around 10 seconds – so just enough time to exit the booth!

Using the latest Greenscreen technology the guests can transform themselves into another dimension. Take a quick look at some of the greenscreen photos in the gallery on the left.

What is Greenscreen?

A Greenscreen Photo Booth enables us to replace the special green background with any background photograph you wish. Using special Chromo Key Technology the computer system knows that everything that is green needs to be swapped with the selected background image.

We have the ability to put you Underwater, in Hollywood or even on the Beach without boarding a plane! How about using your company logo or premises as the background? With greenscreen the only real limit is your imagination.

Length 8ft
Width 4ft
Height 7ft
Theme / Colours Black standard (other skins available)
Age Range All
Maximum Capacity 6
Unlimited Prints Yes
Prop Box Included Yes (can be personalised)
Power 13amp plug (normal household plug)
Suitable for wheelchairs Yes
Supervision Included Yes
Insurance Included Yes - £5million public liability


Whats the difference between the Green Screen booth and your standard booth?

The Green Screen Booth lets you travel around the world, go to discos and has many more backgrounds for you to choose from!

How many people can you fit in the booth?
You can fit 3 on the bench and 3 on their laps

Can we play with the picture settings?
Yes of course! With the Green Screen Booth it is entirely up to the guests in the booth what back ground they would like. All prints are four pictures on a postcard sized paper.

What quality are the photographs?
We use a DSLR camera, with a printer that means the images are instantly printed and dry by the time you get them!

Are the booths customisable?
Yes! We have a range of different skins from the standard black to a vintage look, white, pink and even a funky campervan! With enough notice we can even get your company logo printed onto the skins.

Can I add a personal message onto the prints?
You sure can! With this technology we can add a personalised message such as; 'Nicola + John's Wedding Day 25th April 2015'. With enough notice we can put on your company logo so guests go away with a small part of the business.

Can we get a guestbook?
Yes! With the booth there is an extra copy automatically printed off, one for the guest book, the guest will then write a personal message next to the picture for you to keep.

Do the booths always come with supervision?
The booths always come with supervision, one staff member for helping people in and out of the booth and another for the guestbook.

How long is the booth hire?
Standard booth hire is 3hrs, however we can extend this for an additional cost.

Can I personalise the prop box?
You sure can! If you have a theme to the night we can supply props to match (within reason) or you can provide your own!

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