Water Walkers

Water Walkers, or Water Balls as they are sometimes known are the latest craze to hit the UK. Standing at 2 metres tall the Water Walkers are a great attraction at any event.

Price: From £895Price (inc VAT): From £1,074

Suitable for: Adults & Children

Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass
Outdoors on Hard Surface

Age RangeSuitable

How does it work?

The users climb inside with the help of our trained operators and the ball is inflated. Once the ball has reached the correct pressure it is the zipped up using the specially designed waterproof zip. The user is then slowly moved towards the edge of the water and pushed slowly along the surface.

Once on the water the participant is free to move in any way they wish. After they have been inside for about 5 minutes they are slowly brought to the side by our operators and helped out. Totally dry of course!

We currently have a fleet of 5 Water Walkers available for hire. You can hire one or all 5, it is entirely up to you.

Where can Water Walkers be used?

Basically anywhere that you have a large volume of water such as a lake, pond, swimming pool, or even a harbour with prior notice.

No pool or lake on site? No problem!

With notice we are able to provide a large inflatable pool filled with water. This can be used on both grass and on hard standing.

Safety First

All our Water Walkers are fitted with a double safety line to ensure that they can be recovered from the water in the unlikely event that the participant becomes distressed or uncomfortable.